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A Tradition of Apprenticeship

Armo Tool has built an industry-wide reputation for providing customers with great ideas as well as excellent quality.

We believe that achieving this standard starts with tradespeople equipped with the right training and hands-on experience to apply their skills creatively. We depend on our people to help us create the opportunities that have made this company the diverse, progressive enterprise that it is.

Our commitment to creating opportunities for young tradespeople was recognized recently with a Certificate of Recognition from the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. We were honoured to be counted among 16 Ontario employers to win the award.

Apprenticeship is a long tradition at Armo Tool. We have trained and graduated 60 apprentices in our facility over the years. Many are still working with us as full-time staff.

To learn more about career opportunities and apprenticeship programs at Armo Tool, see our Careers page or simply send us an employment application online.

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