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Solving complex problems and delivering reliable solutions efficiently.

Armo has been proudly building automation systems, tooling, progressive dies and custom automation over over 50 years. Based in London, Ontario Armo has two manufacturing facilities plus our contract manufacturing division, Abuma Manufacturing.

Harry Oliver,

CEO of Steeler Industrial

Why Partner with Armo?

Armo Tool is ready to take your unique challenge and turn it into a success. Our over 50 year history of building long-term relationships with manufacturing companies throughout North America is based on a focus on service and repeatable quality.

Vertical Integration

We take full responsibility for building your tools and automation. We design, fabricate and construct the elements of each system so that we can manage quality and delivery to our customers.

Supply Chain

With over 50 years in the business, we have developed an enviable reputation and supply chain of service providers, distributors and OEM products to fit your project needs.

Robust Project Management

We know that a good project management process, including a documented risk assessment protocol, protects our good reputation as a premium machine and tool builder.

Best in Class Tooling

We design best in class tooling with the goal of longevity. Better tooling saves money, increases uptime and safety. We manage the entire process; design, grinding, machining, coatings and version control.


Armo is proud of third generation ownership. Our centralized leadership and accountability supports fast decision-making and allows us to quickly react to changing needs of our customers.


We are big enough to compete with the most demanding of automation applications, dies and custom machinery, but small enough to see your project from beginning through to acceptance.


Our vast experience and our approachability has fostered an innovative approach when working with our clients.

Focus on ROI

We know that reducing cycle times in manufacturing, or in the systems that we build, saves us and our clients money.

Show The Skills

Our industry professionals are able to deliver better ideas and solutions embedded with a deep understanding of each client’ business and industry.



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Looking for a reliable &
stable partner?

If you are looking for a partner that can help you increase profits, can save you money, reduce your cycle times and deliver products and services that will make your manufacturing task easier, contact us at Armo.

Grow Your Career
with Armo

At Armo we have always known that our people are the core of our success. Because we place the utmost value on the skills and dedication of our employees, many of them have been with us for many years and even decades.