Tubing Automation

Automation for a variety of tubes has long been a specialty at Armo. We meet your need for complete end-to-end production of tubes.  From small diameter complex tube bending to pre-bending endform and fitting placement and post-bend assembly operations. All work is performed in-house, from design to electrical build and programming including runoff and acceptance.  This lets us meet your challenging timing and exacting quality requirements.

Tube bending machines are typically used in automotive for fuel lines, steering systems, brakes, hydraulics and air conditioning systems for the transfer of oil, coolant, water and other fluids.  We have grown our experience to larger diameter, heavier tubes from torsion bars to stabilizer bars. Armo has built hundreds of bender machines, and specialize in high speed machines to produce superior quality parts and for manufacturers that require more complexities in their production process. We even support manufacturers of tubes for the nuclear industry.

  • Tube Benders for 3/16″ to 1″ Materials include steel, stainless, aluminum, and plastic
  • Hydraulic benders for larger diameter tubes and even solid bars to 2” Ø and beyond
  • End forming using multi-hit presses and automated fitting installation
  • High capacity feeders with error proofing to meet your needs
  • Tube de-coating to prepare for end forming, Nyclad, Sumi, Polypro etc
  • Leak testing
  • Laser marking QR codes for traceability
  • Automated and semi automated clip installation
  • Sumi cut to length, accurately placed and shrunk in position
  • Assembly operations
  • Machine vision, traceability and part tracking

Automation for all aspects of tubular parts are a specialty of Armo Tool. If you are looking for better solutions, give us a call.