A supplier to the Canadian Nuclear Industry

As the world’s energy demands increase, keeping up with the demand for clean energy infrastructure is critical. Armo is a supplier to the Canadian nuclear industry. We take great pride in the projects that we have completed around the design of complex, adjustable fixtures and jigs, and the design and production of customized shipping containers for the nuclear industry.

Automation and Tooling for Nuclear Industry

As a qualified supplier to the Canadian nuclear industry we have extensive skills in complex design, tooling, coating, and creating fixtures and gauges. Our program management approach means that Armo is an excellent fit to provide the tools and automation needed for the Canadian Nuclear industry to grow and prosper.

Armo is well positioned for work in the Nuclear industry to supply:

Your Partner | Tools & Fixtures for Nuclear Plants

If you are a supplier to the nuclear industry and require a partner with capabilities in precision fixtures, tools and design of robotics and automation, give Armo a call. We look forward to discussing your project.