Building Automation for
the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is a leader in specifying, integrating and using automation and robotics. At Armo we grew up building automation, tooling and dies for the automotive industry.

One of our specialized niches is supporting high volume manufacturers of tubular parts and bars. Whether brake lines, fuel lines, transmission oil cooler (TOC), HVAC or heavier parts like stabilizer bars and torsion bars – we have the experience and solutions you are looking for. Endforming, forging, heat shrinking on protective materials, stripping coatings for forming, leak testing, assembly with clips and fittings, bending and hot forming steel and plastics. We speak your language.

20 Years Experience

Building automation for the automotive industry is challenging, changing and rewarding. With the advent of greener energy, electric and hybrid cars, the need for automation has changed and flexibility is key to the changing needs of the consumer.

Flexibility from automation suppliers to the automotive industry may include the addition of collaborative technologies such as collaborative robots or cobots so that people can work together safely with automation to increase production. It may be the addition of Autonomous Mobile Robots, called AMRs to reduce monotonous tasks and make working in automotive less arduous. At Armo we specialize in these technologies for our customers and often will integrate cobots into our turnkey automation systems. We also understand where cobots are not a fit and conventional robots are needed.

Our experience for automotive includes:

Robotics, Automation and the Automotive Industry

If you are a Tier 1 supplier to automotive looking for a partner with solid robot, automation, tooling and factory automation background, you have found one at Armo Tool. Contact us for more information.