Frequently Asked Questions

We use SolidWorks, Siemens NX and AutoCAD. We are capable of importing and exporting with almost any CAD software.
Armo’s customers include those in: automotive, food and beverage, consumer, warehouse and defense applications. Armo, through its Abuma contract manufacturing and fabrication division, works in many industries for low volume applications including environmental, defense and automation integrators.
We have about 200 employees working at Armo and our sister company Abuma Manufacturing.
Yes, the Whitney family of London, Ontario have been stewards of the Armo brand for over 50 years.
Most of the automation systems we install are in Canada, USA and Mexico. We also have supplied customers in China, South Africa, Europe and Australia.
Over our three generations, we have integrated every type of robot: SCARA, 6 Axis, Gantry robots, Delta robots, Collaborative robots, pick and place and high precision robots.
We are ‘robot agnostic’ at Armo Tool. That means that we can integrate almost any kind of robot. Some recent projects include ABB, Fanuc, Yaskawa / Motoman, OMRON and Universal Robotics.
We have built hundreds of automation systems, including:

  • Assembly automation systems

  • Medical device automation systems

  • Custom machines

  • Material handling automation

  • Laser integration including stripping and marking

  • Tube automation systems for automotive fuel, brake fluid and transmission oil coolers

  • Food & Beverage handling and packaging systems

  • Retrofit machinery and automation rebuild

Yes, we are fully capable of building electrical panels for our custom automation systems. In the event that we need many panels, we can work with our sister company Abuma to build panels in larger numbers.
Yes, Our facilities have been certified to ISO 9001 specifications since 1998.
Yes, Armo is vertically integrated. At Armo that means we will plan, design and build many of the items that we need to deliver the machine or system. We have a weld shop, panel shop, machine shop and we PLC program in-house. We have a broad range of automation professionals.
A tool is a device that is created to carry out a particular function. At Armo we are experts at creating tools and we have been for almost 50 years. We are also experts at coatings, choosing materials to maximize uptime and minimize wear and planning features to make tools automation friendly.
Yes we design, build, service and rebuild all types of stamping dies. This includes progressive dies, automated transfer dies, hand transfer dies and custom dies, typically for automotive but also for the appliance and other industries.
A progressive die is a specialized piece of metal tooling that performs several stamping operations in a single press stroke. Each part in the process is connected to the parts at other stages by a carrying strip rather than being loose from the strip as is the case in a transfer die.
Yes, both companies have Controlled Goods Certification to operate in the defense industry.