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Armo Tool Stamping Dies

Armo Tool specializes in the design, simulation and build of stamping dies for the automotive industry. We can build new tooling or modify existing tooling to accommodate engineering for:

  • Progressive Dies
  • Stage Tools
  • Transfer Dies
  • Autofom Process Simulation Experimental or Prototype Parts
  • In-house 3-D Design
  • In-house Tryout and Bluelight Scan Verification
  • Experienced with Cast Tooling and Diesets
  • Dies_Assembly
  • Die_imPress_top_bottom
  • Die_Impress_2
  • Die_Detail_CloseUP3
  • Die_Detail_CloseUp2
  • Die_Detail_Close_up
  • Blue_Light_Scanner
  • Coil_Feeder


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