Armo Tool Increases Overall Operational Productivity by 40 Percent with NX

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Using Siemens PLM Software technology, Armo Tool continues to innovate, taking its machining solutions from first-class to world-class.

Helping turn customer ideas into action From prototyping to complete automation solutions, Armo-Tool Limited (Armo Tool) complements a company’s development team with its generations of toolmaking tradecraft. For more than 40 years, Armo Tool has been building long-term relationships with manufacturing companies throughout North America. Armo Tool helps these companies bring new products to market, improve production processes and repurpose their machinery and equipment. Clients rely on Armo Tool to solve their machining, tool and automation problems and help them get innovative ideas to market. That’s why the Armo Tool motto is: “We help you turn your ideas into action!” Armo Tool started as a precision grinding and coating shop and quickly grew into a leader in several areas, including progressive and transfer stamping dies, tooling and automation, particularly for the automotive industry. The company specializes in automation for small diameter tubes. Armo Tool has been using NX™ software from product lifecycle management (PLM) specialist Siemens PLM Software for die design for a number of years. “Using NX CAD (computer-aided design) software, we keep tooling costs down by ensuring the minimum number of stations is used to make each part,” notes Ben Whitney, president of Armo Tool. “Our precision is second- to-none. Our cutting clearances are up to six tenths of a thousandth on cutting sections.” With a philosophy of proactive continuous improvement, the company recognized an opportunity in its computeraided manufacturing (CAM) environment.

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