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Russia is No Longer on My Bucket List

Sanctioned by Russia On Thursday September 22nd Russia sanctioned me, Ben Whitney, President of Armo Tool. I’m no longer welcome. This is in response to the work that myself and the team at Armo-Tool and Abuma Manufacturing do in the defense industry. Although I had no plans to visit Russia,…
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Tooling & Fixtures

Armo Tool started as a precision grinding and coating shop so tooling is in our roots. From the very beginning our tools were designed and built to tight tolerances and are still built to last. Armo Tool is fully equipped to deliver on all your tooling requirements, backed by over…
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Downtime: A Manufacturer’s Biggest Challenge

Downtime: A Manufacturer’s Biggest Challenge In a recent A3 Webinar, our own Adam Coulson was invited to talk about one of the worst case scenarios in manufacturing, downtime. Whether due to scheduled maintenance, upgrades, equipment failure or parts shortages, downtime causes lost profits, order delays, and unhappy employees and customers.…