Russia is No Longer on My Bucket List

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Ukraine hat

Sanctioned by Russia

On Thursday September 22nd Russia sanctioned me, Ben Whitney, President of Armo Tool. I’m no longer welcome. This is in response to the work that myself and the team at Armo-Tool and Abuma Manufacturing do in the defense industry.

Although I had no plans to visit Russia, it is a strange feeling to be on a list created by a hostile government. The disquiet that I feel is in contrast to the enthusiasm from my teenagers who think it is a badge of honor.

As Canadians and concerned global citizens we will not be bullied. I am going to make a plaque to commemorate the day that the achievements of our family business was recognized by a nuclear power.

My thoughts continue to be with the people of Ukraine. When their names go on a Russian list they don’t have the comfort of safely being in Canada like I do.