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Western formula racing

Every year, students from the University of Western come together from various faculties to conceive, design and build a formula-style racecar. The vehicle competes in the FSAE series across North America, where it is judged against 120 other universities on its design and viability as a mass-produced consumer autocross racer. It is a team made up of Business, Marketing and Events and of course, Engineering students, that come together over a common interest that they are extremely passionate about. Many join the team not only because they love it and the community that it shapes, but it is also a strong resume builder, helping many get jobs at Formula 1 or SpaceX and countless other “dream jobs”.

And for these reasons, Armo Tool is proud to support this young team and be a part of their journey in creating the brand new and completely redesigned WFR19-E!

This year, Armo Tool contributed by creating the steering wheel, torsion blades, and wheel hubs for the racecar. The steering wheel was made with our 3D printer using a material called ONYX, a combination of nylon and carbon fiber, making it very strong and light weight. The torsion blades were made with titanium aluminum alloy and are used in the racecar to help adjust the stiffness of the suspension to achieve different handling characteristics for the car. Lastly, the wheel hubs were designed out of aluminum and have the wheel bearings mounted on them. They are apartof the final drive mechanism and the wheels are attached to them. All parts were imagined and designed by students and Armo Tool worked closely with student representative Aidan Macleod to help bring these parts to life. Armo Tool representatives will be proudly attending the unveiling of the car on April 6th, 2019 at the WindEEE Research Institute, where there will be technical discussions, a look back at the 2018 Year-in-Review, sponsor and alumni presentations, team interviews and a chance to test their driving skills in the WFR simulator and take pictures with the racecar.